Make your dream happen in Japan!

Seven Features of Future Design Japanese Language School

1Students can learn Japanese in small classes, which makes it possible to conduct detailed teaching and for students to acquire genuine and elegant Japanese proficiency.

2Students can receive additional education online outside the school.

3Students can choose your own internship out of various jobs offered by the Chamber of the Commerce and Industry of Sakaide City.

4Students can get assistance from professional staff of our career service about a further education/career.

5Students can work Part-time(within 28 hours a week) at places we have prepared.

6Students are offered shared dormitories with a fair price (about ¥15,000).

7Students are encouraged to attend a variety of volunteers and festivals as a part of Sakaide City community and they can communicate with many local people.

These are the seven features of this school and we encourage you to be spontaneous.
First-year students enrolled in October 2021.
We hope we will make one of the most wonderful schools in Japan together.


Shinya Naoi, Principal
If you acquire Japanese skills, how large will your future opportunities be? – Double? - No, you will also have new friends to learn Japanese together. - 5 times more? - No, through learning Japanese, you can find jobs and experience cultures and traditions - 10 times? - You will also find a new side of your own country. I am looking forward to seeing you! Broaden your horizons with us!
Seidou Usami, Head Instructor
Hello! Greetings always connect people with people regardless of countries. Once you speak a language of the country, it will open up a whole new world. I have taught Japanese outside of Japan for 10 years. I understand how hard it is to live in a foreign country. All the teachers here are going to help you learn Japanese and other related things at the fullest!
Mariko Horimoto
I like watching movies, attending tea ceremony, writing, composing Tanka (Japanese poem), and listening to kayoukyoku(Japanese popular songs). I got a certificate to teach Japanese after teaching Japanese as a volunteer in China in 2007. As a cheerful and powerful mother in Japan, I would like to support you to achieve your goals. Let’s move forward together!
Satoshi Izumi
I always do my best to give fun and easily comprehensible lessons. I hope the knowledge you acquire at this school will enrich your life even more. Besides, I would like you to like not only the Japanese language but also Japan. Let’s work hard together.
Sumika Yokoyama
I like animals. Also, I enjoy eating, visiting old towns in local cities, and looking at traditional crafts. Let’s learn sophisticated Japanese expressions through Japanese culture!
Wakana Mizuta
Hi everyone. I will do my best to help you achieve your goals. Let’s work on it together! Please feel free to talk to me in Japanese. You can tell me about any happy, interesting, or surprising experiences to share. I’m looking forward to seeing you.
Hiroko Fukuda
What would you like to do if you can speak Japanese? Cooperating with other teachers, I hope to create a school and a community where you can meet someone you’d like to talk to in Japanese. Let’s make a good school life you will never forget in Sakaide. Please enjoy lots of things you can only experience in Japan by eating with the locals and attending events actively. I am excited to see you. I love ‘anime’, so let’s talk about it!
Momoko Hosokawa
Each of you may have a different goal in learning Japanese, but when I teach you Japanese, I have one definite goal for all of you to share: You find a lot of pleasure of learning every time you learn Japanese! Let’s work together to find it!

What are we aiming at through our education?

1To improve your Japanese language proficiency toward your goalWe help all the students, with the level of N5 of JLPT on entry, pass N3 on graduation. We also help half of our students pass N2 on graduation. To achieve these goals, we provide you substantial lessons both in terms of their quality and quantity. Supplementary lessons are also prepared according to individual needs. You can also reinforce your understanding through home assignment given after each lesson day. We really hope you can acquire enough proficiency to learn in higher education or in your future working environment. For those going to technical schools, special Japanese textbooks with technical terms in the field are used in class. In each course, improving speaking and listening skills are more focused.

2Career Education for your further step after your move on to the next stageWe strongly believe it’s not enough just to navigate you to your next step after graduation. Career guidance must be linked to your lifelong career planning. Career guidance center will open so you can gather useful information for your possible career. Experienced specialists in each field are invited to give you some tips for your choice. You can also use a wide domestic and overseas network so you can find your best matches in choosing you career. One of our ultimate goals is to raise students who can contribute to Japanese society (hopefully Kagawa) and to your native countries in the future. For those who plan to go to Japanese universities, intensive lessons for EJU are provided,

3Positive involvement in our local community and nurturing the spirit of being a member of our communityTo experience a nice school life abroad, it is one of the best ways to be accepted as a member of the local community. We prepare lots of opportunities for you to mingle with local people, experience local cultural events and discuss some community problems, especially with Japanese young people. Thankfully, the Chamber of Commerce of Sakaide backs up this activity, which leads you to proposing constructive ideas after discussion. They also give you chances to work as an intern in local companies. This will help you learn and deepen your understanding our society. Our school also has Japanese language programs for local residents from abroad and you can exchange some information with them about how to live a good life in Japan.