Join us!

Everyone is welcome.

We only require you to be passionate about learning Japanese.
Your nationality, religion or gender does not matter.
Please apply depending on the duration you would like to study. (one year, one and a half year, two years)
You can also get advices regarding your proficiency and the duration of study. We will suggest the most suitable course for you.

Start date

Start date

The beginning of April and October


one year, one and a half year and two years

The Hours of Study

760 hours per year

Download the documents

You can download PDF files here Application Guidelines Application Form A list of submission


100 students


(1)Those who have finished year 12 of highschool or the equivalent curriculum
(2)Those who are (or will be) permitted to enter Japan through the legal process
(3)Those who have a reliable guardian
We might not be able to accept applications from some countries or regions. Please contact us in advance.

Application Period

For enrollment in April

August 1st to November 15th a year before the admission

For enrollment in October

March 21st to May 30th

The Process of Enrollment

Inquiry/ Request Document
Please contact us if you have any questions or want to request the documents. You can download the application guidelines here.
Submission of the Application Form
Please follow the guideline and submit the documents by the due date. You can download the application form here. We will screen the documents. If anything is lacking, we will let you know.
Primary Screening
We will conduct an examination and an interview to select students at this school or in your countries. You will have a simple Japanese proficiency examination. In the interviews, the applicant and his/her guardian will participate and in case the applicant does not have sufficient Japanese skills, we will conduct an interview with a translator. If there is no problem, you will pass the screening.
Secondary Screening
Even when you pass the screening, you are required to follow the screening procedure done by the Immigration Service Agency of Japan. Once you send the required documents to our school, we will send them to the authority. If the screening is successful and a visa is provided, you can study in Japan.
Once the payment of admission fees is confirmed, the personnel will send the admission documents to the successful applicants. The successful applicants will be asked to come to school on the designated date.

We, IAI will do our best to make your dreams come true

Why do you want to speak Japanese? Going to university? Working in Japan? Or setting up your own business?We are here to make your dreams come true.