The area with a breathtaking view of Seto Inland Sea!

Shikoku is located in Western Japan and is an area which consists of Seto Inland and beautiful islands.
This area is filled with various traditional things including the Japanese oldest hot springs and a great deal of historical sites.
Let’s learn Japanese in such a place by communicating with local people!
Since this school has established partnership with the chamber of commerce and industry of Sakaide City,
the students can learn practical Japanese through attending internships in various industries,local activities and cultural events.

Easy access to our school!

Our school is located within about a 10-minute walk (or cycling) of our school dormitories. Please enjoy a leisurely walk or cycling on the way to and from school. Even if you rent a private apartment, you can come to our school very easily without traffic jams. Sakaide Railway Station is also a ten-minute walk.
[Nearest station]
"Sakaide" Station (JR Yosan Line) 10 mins walk

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